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A Letter from Camp Little People

Dear Jimmy,

Hi! I am not very good at writing letters but here it goes. My name is Joyce (Hiller) Davis, I am originally from Berwick, I now live in Benton, my parents & most of my siblings reside in the Berwick area.

But anyway, I am a mother of a dwarf child also known as a Little Person. I am also the camp director for Camp Little People, held at Camp Victory each year. Our camp was held this past weekend,June 7-9 2002. Our camp is a family camp, which means parents & siblings attend as well. Our campers came from as far as CA. Our camp was a huge success!!

I am not writing to you for money or anything like that. I am writing to you to THANK YOU from the bottom of all our hearts !! For the playground equipment you donated to Camp Victory. It was very heart warming to see the big smiles on our campers faces to be able to get on a swing by themselves or to climb the monkey bars that were "just their size". And yes, it brought tears to some of the parents eyes, to watch their dwarf child having so much fun !! Again I/we thank you !!


Joyce Davis
Camp Little People director
Benton, PA 17814

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